1. The Comeback Queen

She’s very quick witted and that razor sharp tongue of hers could slice you in two, literally. Before you can even hit her with your blow, the gloves are off and she’s smacked you back so hard you’re stunned into a giggle of disbelief. You never worry about this friend because you know she can handle herself in any situation, because who needs fists when you can simply cut someone with words instead?

Pros: She’s perfect when planning a response in the group chat.
Cons: She can really accidentally hurt your feelings.

2. The Last Minute Lucy

You love her but you also cannot stand her because this friend leaves everything to the last possible minute. Whether it be cancelling plans, asking for a favour or buying you a present, this girl is just always late. Though never on time, she’s always somehow super organised and it baffles you to this day. She could be the perfect friend if she just learned to respect time… in fact; you’re not sure whether she can actually tell the time.

Pros: She’s never on time.
Cons: She’s never on time.

3. The Musical Genius

Miranda Sings / Via Tumblr

She knows the words to every song, mainsteam and/or underground, she’s always the first with concert tickets and is frequently heard saying “I heard that months ago”. This friend is the ultimate music lover and the one you go to when you need to know the name of that song you’ve been humming for weeks. Putting your music on shuffle can result in hundreds of (often bad) renditions of every song; from The Beatles to Bobby Shmurda this girl knows it all.

Pros: She can get those sold out Beyonce tickets.
Cons: She is the biggest music snob.

4. The Smart One

Ask her what the capital of Malaysia is and she’ll know it, alongside the population of Timbuktu and what yesterday’s homework was. She is your smart friend and a blessing from God to get you through those distressing years of education. Every assignment is done way before the deadline and her future is planned down to every tiny detail. When you’re crying in the library 45 minutes before your deadline, she’s your girl.

Pros: Helps motivate you with work.
Cons: Makes you feel so dumb.

5. The Not So Smart One

The Face / Via Tumblr

You often find your jaw dropping in shock at some of the unbelievably stupid things this girl comes out with. “No, Africa isn’t a country” you remind her in contempt. She’s fun and is a pretty smooth sailor when it comes to school but general knowledge is not her thing. Neither are books, or anything that has more than 50 words on a page.

Pros: Makes you feel so smart.
Cons: Says some stupid stuff.

6. The Yes Girl (FKA The Fun Friend)

Legal or illegal, this girl is up for anything and that’s why she’s secretly your favourite. Whether you fancy going to Nandos or going skydiving, your yes girl is down and that’s what makes her so fun to be around. You’ve most likely had some of the best times with her and she’s always in a good mood, which just adds to her likeability.

Pros: She’s always “up for it”.
Cons: Fearless (to the extent it’s actually bad, what if we get arrested?!)

7. The One Who’s Not Really Your Friend

More of an acquaintance, you’re not really quite sure how you and this girl ended up in the same circle. She’s like a friend of your friends and somehow you became friends too, but it’s cool because she’s cool and you like her. You get on perfectly well in social settings but sadly you know it will never develop further into anything else.

Pros: She’s cool.
Cons: You’ll probably grow apart in the next few years.

8. The ‘Twin’

This is the one; she’s exactly like you. You like the same things/people, you hate the same things/people, you and your ‘twin’ are like a match made in friendship heaven. You have the same sense of humour and your twin telepathy has you giggling at inside jokes in a room full of people without so much as moving your lips. You love her for the exact same reason you sometimes hate her, she’s you.

Pros: She’s exactly like you.
Cons: She’s exactly like you.

9. The Talkative One

She talks so much that she ends up saying things that you never wanted anyone to know. This friend is funny because she doesn’t know how to shut up, it’s just not funny when she’s talking about you. Accidentally spilling secrets is her forte but you know she means no harm she just has permanent verbal diarrhoea. Bless her.

Pros: She can always put a smile on her face with her clumsy mouth.
Cons: She talks too much.

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